About Edenpont Garden Visits

Over the past few years, thousands of people have visited our aesthetical and inspiring gardens to collect new ideas. The friendly atmosphere makes the visits even more welcoming.

What does it mean to be an Edenpont Garden Visit host?

As an Edenpont Garden Visit host, you can show your garden to the visitors. During the visit, you can talk about the evolution of your garden, the successes and failures during the progress, or about its special plants. The maximum number of visitors and the date of the visits are set by the hosts, allowing them to choose the time of the year when their garden is the most attractive.

Why should You become a Garden Visit host?

Hosting a garden visit is an uplifting as well as honourable experience, which is fostered by the visitors’ positive feedbacks. Meeting with professionals and finding new friends are also advantages of being an Edenpont host. Personal interactions are easier to make in smaller groups, and the Edenpont visits limit the number of visitors to encourage these connections, so the events will be more enjoyable and valuable. Last but not least, you will earn some extra money, which can even be used to make your garden prettier or donate to charities.

Garden Visits Joining Terms