Simple Terms

Registering your garden to the Edenpont website can be done by uploading further information and photos. The introduction should be written by you. Who knows more about your garden than the host, right? It is your garden and your visit! In other words, you have the opportunity to create an appealing description and choose the photos which reflect your garden the best.

The size and location of your garden do not matter if it is unique. Distance won’t stop the visitors if something very special lies ahead! Later you will be asked to set the dates of the visits, but don’t worry, you don’t have to decide right on the registration!

Your address and contact are not available to the public, only visitors who already paid the admission fee will receive the necessary information.



Customer Service and Marketing Assistance

What Edenpont provides:

  • helping you in making decisions which will attract more and more visitors;
  • uploading your event’s information and pictures to the Edenpont website;
  • recruiting visitors by promoting your event in our newsletter, on social media and on other online platforms;
  • registering the visitors, collecting admission fees;
  • providing the visitors with accepted booking with further information about the visit (e.g. directions to the event)
  • sending the list of visitors to you the day before the event;
  • asking visitors for feedback after the event;
  • accounting the income from the event;
  • transferring your share of the income to your bank account

Predictable income

No hidden fees when registering. Join us now!

The Edenpont has standard admission fee (…/visitor), but this price can vary on special occasions. The fees are paid through Edenpont, so you have no extra duty regarding the payments, and still, have access to seeing the visitors who have valid registration to your event!

We are transferring the money to your bank account within the next 5 days of the event. Do not forget to report this income in your tax return!

Paying the admission fee in advance ensures almost 100% visitor engagement. In addition, the Edenpont Terms & Conditions guarantee to receive your expected income even after the visitors who did not come to your event.  

If the number of visitors doesn’t reach the minimal limit (which you set beforehand), the admission fees will be automatically paid back by Edenpont to those who already booked a place, and you don’t have to worry about the preparations.

További előnyök Nagyobb ismertség. Kertedet, kertbemutatásodat hírlevelünkön és közösségi oldalainkon keresztül népszerűsítjük.  Marketingtámogatás, ami nem kerül neked külön semmibe, viszont több látogatót és ismertséget eredményez. Kényelem. A programmal kapcsolatos jelentkezésekkel nem kell foglalkoznod, nem kell a lemondásokkal és a résztvevők ügyes-bajos leveleivel törődnöd. Kiegészítő bevétel 

Other advantages

  • Wider Publicity. We are promoting your garden and programme in our newsletter and on social media as well.
  • Marketing Assistance, which doesn’t cost you anything, and only attracts more publicity and visitor!
  • Comfort. You don’t have to worry about emails from visitors nor cancellations.
  • Extra Income.


Garden Visit Host Registration