Show the Eden around you!

What is Edenpont?

Edenpont is an international social platform, where our hosts with excellent knowledge about garden culture and other natural values can share their experience with visitors with the similar interest. The main function of Edenpont is to facilitate and simplify this interaction for all participant by recruiting visitors to the events and transferring the income to the hosts. 

Until 2017 Edenpont was called Kertnezoben, then new programmes were launched – in new countries as well. You can find out more about us here.

What does it mean to be an Edenpont host?

As a host, you can create your own programme through the Edenpont website. Your tasks will include setting the terms, welcoming the visitors and running the event or tour. 

You have great flexibility and self-dependence in organizing your programme, with which you can even earn extra money, build up new relationships, and gain wider publicity. Joining Edenpont has only advantages!

What can we offer, if you join us?

Joining Edenpont means you don’t have to worry about the bookings, cancellations, or promoting your event. You only have to be concerned about what you love: your garden, your event or your tour. 

We provide you great marketing support and excellent customer service through our website, which expertise in recruiting garden-lover visitors. Promoting your programme by yourself with no one on your side is much harder and time-consuming, while with the help of Edenpont, there’s no unnecessary fuss!

Thank the international publicity of Edenpont, your garden and tour can become famous among visitors from other countries!

Édenpont házigazda


I wish you successful teamwork and many visitors!

Péter Rácz, the founder of Edenpont

What kind of programmes can you register?

You can join Edenpont with a wide range of programmes, so you will surely find one which will suit you!

Garden Visits

Are you proud of your garden?

Welcome visitors in your garden, gain new acquaintances, and make your garden even more famous!

Garden Events

Are you proud of your gardening knowledge? Do you create something special in the field of music, literature, art or even gastronomy?

Show your talent during a garden event!

Green Tours

Do you know a lot about specific landscapes, parks, arboretums etc? Would you like to show it to others as well?
Lead a tour!

Product Display

Do you create unique hand-made products, and need more buyers?

Create your own product display programme, and find new buyers!