The initial Edenpont Team

Rácz Péter, 01 November, 2017 | Edenpont insight

The member working at the backstage

Although Edenpont is an online platform, an automatized system also has humans working in the background.  We try to create a friendly bond with our visitors and hosts by attending our events, reading your feedbacks and looking at the photos taken there.

Who are we?



Péter Rácz

  • founder of Edenpont
  • business development
  • marketing and communication


Gabriella Szekeres

  • back office
  • foreign countries
  • costumer service


Erzsébet Bese

  • Edenpont Representative of Hungary
  • Social media

The Edenpont Team currently consists of three enthusiastic co-workers, who have been working hard in the last 5 years. Nevertheless, we shall not forget the help received from volunteers and many other co-workers. We are very grateful to them as well!

Erzsébet Bese is focusing on the organization of garden events in Hungary, the exploration of new intriguing gardens, and she’s keeping in touch with the hosts. Being an enthusiastic garden fan herself, her hobby is collecting flower (I bet she doesn’t know how many types can be found in her garden). In her free time, she helps us a lot with organizing and coordinating the tasks. She is also one of the main editors of our social media.

Gabriella Szekeres is responsible for our foreign connections and the customer service. She knows the names of almost all the garden visitors by heart, as well as who attended the events and when. She reads all the texts  (including this one as well) before posting them and provides Edenpont with many useful ideas. Although our customer service became mostly automatized, I’m sure she still has much work to do. She is very curious about other countries’ gardens, and there are many on her list to visit.

The website’s development and its communication tasks belong to me. The core ideas are provided by me, and although the online world was unknown to me before, I was eager to explore it. Soon I realized it wasn’t that new at all since in my previous job I was focusing on the consumers’ needs as well. The complicated professional names made everything sound more far-fetched, though the main point has never changed. In my opinion, people after a while realize that a well-functioning project consists of achievable goals, a motivated team, and other sources, not to mention the important focus on the consumers’ needs. Not only we have to create something they enjoy, but we also must succeed in it. Well, it is more complicated than this, but the key to success can be found in this logic. With time we’ll see if we did well or not.

Our ambition is to create a community of garden-friends, hence we forward to new representatives joining Edenpont from all over the world. Edenpont exists to help the creation of such bonds, so if you are interested in joining our team, don’t hesitate to check your possibilities.

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