Edenpont Mentality

The question we had on our minds when Edenpont was founded:

Did we leave Eden behind forever, or is it possible to recreate it?

How can we make our environment more liveable, more attractive and cheerful?

At Edenpont we believe that the answer is clear: Happiness is in the garden

We believe that getting to know better the diversity of plants and the harmony of nature means we can find our way back to that idyllic place which helps to refresh us, amaze us and calm our minds. Inspired by this idea, we have involved private gardens, events and tours in our Edenpont programmes for years, as positive examples for everyone. Our Edenpont hosts’ ideas, successes and even failures all help us to believe that Eden can be recreated.

Garden visits, garden events and green tours for small groups

A comfortable, familiar environment is needed to truly get into the spirit of things during our garden visits and events. This is why we organize events for small groups only so that visitors can better connect with the host and with each other. Even is case of our largest garden, we never increase the size of the group above 25 people, but we have garden with the size of maximum 8 visitors. The ideal number of green tours is determined by our tour guides, taking into account the special features of the tour.

International community

In particular, it is a great pleasure to view other cultures’ gardens and to learn about their plants. We believe that the world is colourful and diverse, and the more we know about it, the richer our knowledge and experience. Part of Edenpont’s ambition is to explore the gardens of other countries and involve them in our programmes.

Gaining experience

At Edenpont, we also want to show the world just how many different skills and interests can involve the garden. Musical, literary, artistic or even gastronomic events can be improved tenfold when they are held outside amongst nature. A great event can also enhance a garden’s beauty, whilst you enhance your knowledge!

Edenpont History

2012- With garden designer and landscaper Peter Racz as the leader, we start off a project called Kertnezoben in Hungary, with the intention of showing off exemplary private gardens to fellow garden enthusiasts. At the same time, we launch our kertnezoben.hu website.

2016- Based on our Hungarian ‘know-how’, we decided that we will expand the project to other countries as well.

2017- Besides private garden visits, garden events and green tours start to appear in our programmes as well. In Autumn 2017, the project Kertnezoben ends and is replaced with Edenpont. The new website, edenpont.com is launched in English and in Hungarian.

Edenpont team


Peter Racz

founder of the Edenpont

business development

marketing & communication


Gabi Szekeres

back office

foreign countries

customer service


Erzsebet Bese

Edenpont Representative - Hungary

Social media



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