Garden Visitors' Etiquette

We want our programmes to an enriching and pleasant experience for everyone involved, so we ask visitors to please bear in mind the rules of etiquette stated below and to be respectful of both hosts and fellow visitors. Edenpont events are usually aimed at adults, but we welcome children too. Any programmes for keeping little ones entertained too will be indicated in the event’s profile. Edenpont events are attended at your own risk.


Be punctual if you do not wish to miss anything! Remember, our events commence precisely at the starting time stated in your accepted bookings and in the reminder we will send you before the event.


In many cases, there will, unfortunately, be less parking spaces than visitors. If you find you must park in front of other gardens, please be careful not to block any gates or driveways. Most garden events will provide information about parking.

Restroom facilities

We will always indicate if an event has restroom facilities. If you cannot see the symbol indicating restroom facilities on the event’s profile or in your confirmation email, then unfortunately there will be no restroom facilities at the event. Please bear this in mind before your arrival!

During the event

During an event, please be mindful of the garden’s original layout and avoid causing damage to plants, tools, built items or garden objects. Carelessness can lead to personal injury or the injury of others and can also ruin years of hard work.

Kérjük, a program során lehetőleg mellőzd a hosszabb telefonálást, mert a beszélgetés mind a tulajdonost, mind a többi résztvevőt zavarhatja.


For many of our events, the host will welcome visitors with beverages and snacks. Please check the event’s profile to find out what services will be provided. Consumption of your own food or drink is only permitted at events with the picnic symbol.

If you have any allergies or food intolerances, please ask the host about the ingredients before consuming any of the snacks provided.

The consumption of alcohol is not permitted during events!


All our programmes are non-smoking events, therefore smoking (including the use of vaporizers and e-cigarettes) is prohibited in all areas during the event.


Unfortunately, we cannot allow pets to attend our events, so please do not bring them along.


Most of our events are photographer-friendly, but please be sure to check the event’s profile, which will indicate if photography is permitted. Please also bear in mind that your acceptance of our Terms and Conditions regarding photography means your agreement that photographs may be taken of you at this event.

We support sharing photographs you have taken on social media (Facebook, Instagram etc.), excluding photographs where houses or buildings can be seen. In the case of such photographs, please ask the host for permission before sharing. Please also remember that many people may be uncomfortable with photos of them being posted online, and try to only post photographs in which other visitors cannot be seen or are barely recognisable.

Commercial use of photographs requires the permission of both Edenpont and the event’s host. You can find more information about this in our Terms and Conditions.

Please be respectful and abstain from private discussions whilst the host is talking, so as not to distract the host or other visitors.


If you are interested in a plant and would like to have a seed or seedling, you are welcome to ask the host if they can be purchased (Edenpont does not support plant propagation of plants under copyright). In the case of non-proprietary varieties, feel free to ask the host where they purchased them or if they can provide you with samples.


An event’s duration is decided upon by the host. Hosting events can be tiring, so if you have any questions at the end of the event, please first ensure that your longer stay is not an inconvenience for the host. Alternatively, you can ask the host for their contact details so that you can email them with any questions.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation. We hope to see you at our events!

The Edenpont Team