Arboretum in a Nut Shell

Central Bohemian Region


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This Baroque-style villa, built in 1921, stands on about half a hectare of land most of which is laid out as an English park. Interwoven paved footpaths lead the visitor across lawns, passing trees and shrubs standing singly or in groups and giving views of the villa and more distant stands of perennials.

The ARBORETUM IN A NUT SHELL is a set of 40 conifer genera from all over the world with the rarest species originating in China, Patagonia, Tasmania and New Zealand and grown here in the smallest possible area. It is also a collection of over 300 species of trees and shrubs from the temperate zones of both hemispheres planted not only to delight the eye of all visitors but also to surprise the experts among them at the rarity of many specimens.

If you come, do not miss the charming pond, its water lilies and goldfish and rock garden. Come to see our Japanese-style garden. We built it without outside help. Our intention was to create a place of relaxation and calm, a place where we can detach ourselves from the outside world and away from the pressures of modern life.


Díszkert, Gyűjteményes kert
Tájképi kert, Formai kert, Filozófikus kert
Idén először
Gyerekbarát kert
Elérhető nyelvek:
angol, cseh
Kert mérete:
5000 nm
Építés éve:


Our garden is self-sustaining and eco-friendly. We have an orchard full of fruit-bearing trees and plants for instant consumption, hotbeds and vegetable beds, a greenhouse and a miniature farm of rabbits and hens. We feed our animals in winter from the hay we dry and we use their manure as a natural fertilizer for our garden beds. Of course, we compost all organic remains supporting the natural circulation of nutrients. Artificial fertilizers are not needed at all.

A kert házigazdája

Dr. Ivan Brdička and his wife Hana, the owners and main creators of the garden. Ivan Brdička is a zoologist, his wife Hana a pediatrician, both retired now.


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